how to rank youtube videos on first page of google 2017

how to rank youtube videos on first page of google
how to rank youtube videos on first page of google

Hello!! and welcome to my website. Today i am going to discuss some secret unique seo tricks for Youtube as people usually don’t know. As Youtube is changing its algorithm all the time ,so people don’t understand how does it works. Being an engineer today from this post i ill show you some secret tricks that will help you in ranking for your videos.

how to rank youtube videos on first page of google?

Well, everyone’s aim is to rank their videos on youtube. So below is some secrets :

1. Tags

In the starting years till 2013, tag was the main target and tags were the open source where anyone could see what kind of tags this video have. Today we know tags are used only for ranking purpose to link with the relevant keywords. As this is the most important part of the seo. Though we always eager to find the popular video’s tags, but unfortunately we cannot see other video’s tag. Here is the trick where we will find how to see other popular video’s tags so that we will have an idea to generate similar tags.

  • First go to the video page on youtube.
  • Right click on the empty area( near title or anywhere)
  • Select view source
  • Then left click and press ctrl + f
  • In the window put words ” keywords” and enter.
  • if full keywords aren’t showing then enter again.

Note** Do not copy the same keywords or tags to your video. As this will create ambiguity for search engine and you will not get the result. Always use your own keywords. Tags are just to know for informational purposes. So donot copy.

2. Keyword planner

When you the tags of popular video now it is turn to find some strong keywords. Most of the people don’t know about this tool but google provides it free. You can use to choose less competitive and related keywords for your video. I will provide here the link for how to use it.

3.Updating Title

As of now google’s algorithm is based on the popularity of the video. Once youtube puts your video on the first page the ranking starts decreasing as on the basis of the interaction of the users with the video and your video from first page end with some out of space.

So here’s the trick starts, whenever you find your video is going down just try to change slightly the title with relevant keywords. For example: your title is ” how i met your mother” change this to ” how i met your mother season” again ” how i met your mom” etc. The trick really creates magic and google allows again your video to stay up.

Note** Always do slight changes in the title otherwise the impact will be reversed.


4. Meta Description

Most of the people left this portion or just use this for only for social links etc. But the fact is meta description is really helpful to upgrade video in ranking. Always use description about your video in the box as google is searching for matching keywords.

For example: suppose your title is ” how i met your mom” then in the first line of the description use a sentence like “hello guys this is the season 1 how i met your mom” as google is searching and it will immediately fetch another keyword ” season” and rank your video higher.

Note** It is highly recommended that do not use the access of keywords in the description box as it will violate youtube policy and your video will be removed.

So finally guys these were some secret tips i have shared with you. I will update this and upload a youtube video stating all these things in detail soon here . i hope some of you will get benefit. So try this and please comment if you get any success in seo on youtube, i am waiting for your responses. Also if you have any doubts or problem you can comment on this website. Also check other software, tricks, solution on this website.

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