How To Create Stylish Drop Down Menu in Blogger/WordPress

1. Stylish color hover menu


2. Stylish color hover menu with Dropdown item


3. Stylish color hover menu with right side item


Aren't they looking so nice!

Instructions how to install in blogger/wordpress?

Note** Before to start any thing i would suggest you to take backup of your template or theme. I would not be responsible for any damage.

Also these are coded by desiwebmaster so its purely copyrighted and is for personal use only. If anyone found in guilty doing misuse or selling, publishing may be liable for the legal actions.

Here are some steps to instal in blogger/wordpress
  • First download the code from the above
  • Now copy the code in between <style>..</style> and paste in the blogger->template->customise->advance->css and apply to blog
  • Now open the layout click on the add gadget select html/javascript and paste the code copied from the code after </style> tag
  • Replace the url with your url in <a href="http.....">
  • Replace the menu text like contact us ,about us,home
  • Save arrangement and you are done!
  • Now if you want to change something then comment below
  • Below is a video illustrating the whole installation process

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