earn 1000$ daily 2017 Best Trick

earn 1000$ daily 2017 Best Trick
earn 1000$ daily 2017 Best Trick

How i earned 120$ in a day : adsense guide 2017

Hello bloggers! Last day was amazing for me as i had posted earlier how i earn daily $1000/day without any investment some cents with only 100 views. If you have not checked it then see this : 2017 How much does adsense pay per 1000 views

But Last day was totally a blast as i earned 120$ approx with only 400 page views. As this is totally cool its not just because i am the only one who is earning but the fact is this website is only 7 day older. And people are struggling with the adsense approval, site ranking, even designing, building links though earning is really far. But on the other hand you can see with 7 days older website has all the things:

  • Google ads are running
  • page are in ranking and search engine
  • even started earning from ads
  • getting day by day better
  • No illegal software download and approaches that may affect google policy.

Now come to the point how is this happened? Here is your answer:

As above you can see 120$ is the earning on a single day.But most important factor was the click rate.See the clicks are 60 and the rates of the ads were high from the main countries as i have mentioned earlier on the another post.The posts were good ranked in the search engine.

How i achieved this?

Yes all of you want to know the secret i have applied to this website.But this website i made is already has a motive to help you and provide you the solutions.Here are some tips.

  • Google doesn’t allow the bad quality blogs and websites to publish their ads.I strongly believe in quality and focused content.
  • Used some google tools for ranking and keywords.Mentioned below.
  • Don’t go away from the google policy.
  • Targeted rich countries that gives you higher bid on ads.rpm
  • Finally search engine optimization.

So check all the things on this website that can boost your ranking and earnings.


If you get success from our solutions .please let us know and comment. And if you really want to thank us then you can do it by subscribing our you tube channel , like on facebook and twitter and by sharing this post.

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