2018 Avoid Instagram ban – 5 Ways how to fix instagram shadowban

how to fix instagram shadowban
how to fix instagram shadowban

Heya people,
Today we will discuss how to avoid your instagram to banned or shadowbanned.It is the coolest topic by demand people registered to me so lets gooooo

1. What is Instagram Shadowban?

Here you all have to understand the difference between proper instagram account ban and instagram shadowban.
Shadowban is what when instagram sees violation of hashtags to reach maximum audience.Like those people who use too much hashtags in a post with no relevance just to gain followers.So instagram put shadowban to those accounts so that they will not be able see their post in the hashtags feed they have used.As this limit to reach the unknown audience and people cannot see your post for that hashtags you have used. Only your followers will see.

2. How to check instagram shadowban?

Just try a simple thing, Say one of your follower to unfollow you and check in the feed of hashtag you have used. If unfollwer donot find you in the hashtag feed then this is what shadowban is all about.

3.Then what is instagram account ban?

Simple answer is when you have violated the term and condition of use of the instagram like posting pornography, threatening content etc. your account will totally be banned.

4.Then how to avoid instagram account ban or how to fix instagram shadowban?

  • Do not use too much hashtags. If your account is shadowban then delete a;ll those tags from instagram.
  • Do not use post violating content like pornography, adult content etc.
  • Do not post copyrighted content. i.e instagram is for personal use, you can not posts photos of others and make accounts of others.
  • if still problem persist contact instagram click here
  • post regular content on instagram is recommended

Still for those who have another problem and want immediate solution can comment beow and for those who want to appreciate my writing can share this post to their family so that they will not get banned from instagram.
See you again .Byeeeeeeee

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